Startup Consultancy

  1. Business Structuring: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants provides tailored advice to businesses on choosing the most appropriate business structure, including Co Founder’s Agreement, LLP, Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company, or OPC. We consider various factors and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

  2. Contracts Drafting: Offers professional agreement drafting services, including advice on signing and stamp duty-related matters.

  3. Maintenance of Statutory books, registers etc: Providing services for creating company statutory books, registers, resolutions, and related documents in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  4. MSME Registration & allied services: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants offers MSME registration services, including assistance in implementing due dates in invoices and providing notice of consequences for delayed payments. We also assist clients in resolving payment disputes through the MSME Facilitation Council.

  5. Shop Act & Compliances: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants provides comprehensive services to assist businesses in compliance with the Shop and Establishment Act. Our services include registration and exemption assistance, drafting of appointment letters, setting up of payment dates, and managing leaves and attendance. Our experts ensure that our clients meet all applicable laws and regulations related to the Shop and Establishment Act.

  6. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants provides expert services related to intellectual property, including advice on registration, responding to notices such as cease and desist letters, and sending takedown notices to protect clients' intellectual property rights.

  7. Drafting Employment Contracts: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants offers expert drafting and negotiation services for Employment and Consultancy Agreements. Our team ensures that agreements contain clauses such as Confidentiality, IP Assignment, and Non-Compete, protecting the interests of our clients.

  8. ESOP’s & Advisory options: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants offers expert advisory services for ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plans) and advisor options. Our services include compliance, drafting ESOP clauses for employment agreements, tax implications, and advising on advisor options for external consultants or advisors. ESOPs incentivize employees and help retain talented staff, while advisor options align external consultants' interests with the company's success

  9. Financial & Auditing Services: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants provides a range of professional services to help businesses manage their finances effectively. Our taxation services ensure compliance with regulations, while our auditing services provide reliable financial reporting. We also offer accounting and financial support to help businesses make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

  10. Compliance and Reporting: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants provides comprehensive compliance services, including labour and employment laws. Our experts offer guidance to ensure businesses stay up to date with the latest regulations, minimizing the risk of legal and financial penalties.

  11. Business Funding: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants offers diverse funding services to support business growth and success. Our team of experts assists in securing financing through traditional loans, grants, or alternative sources, helping businesses overcome financial barriers and achieve their goals.

  12. Schemes & Subsidies: At Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants, we provide comprehensive services to help businesses procure various schemes and subsidies. Our experts offer guidance on the eligibility criteria and application process, helping businesses secure funding and incentives to grow and expand. With our support, businesses can maximize their benefits and achieve their goals.