Real Estate Practice

  1. Evaluating and verifying title deeds, conducting title search/title inquiry of properties all over India

  2. Exposition services for registration of properties at sub-registrar offices

  3. Handling legal aspects of project sanctioning, housing loan and other types of cases involving mortgage

  4. Making risk assessments, advising on the compliance of different environmental laws, obtaining allowance and approvals from the authorities concerned

  5. Offering consultation on tax planning related to transactions to bring down tax liability

  6. Providing services to overseas clients in fulfilling post-disbursement requirements

  7. Recommending clients beyond the basic legal requirements while acquiring, disposing and transferring properties

  8. Rendering service to clients to receive various approvals/permission/licenses from authorities concerned

  9. Vetting, conveyance, drafting and interpretation of various types of contracts/annexure such as co-partnership, joint venture, consortium, sale deed, lease deed, general power of attorney, builder buyer agreement, special power of attorney and other legal documents

  10. Conducting due diligence for commercial, Residential and industrial real estate transaction to discover all material facts and conditions affecting the Property and the transaction.