Financial Services

  1. Accounting and Book-keeping: Accurate book-keeping is crucial for tracking financial performance and enabling informed decision-making. CLP offers cost-effective, efficient accounting outsourcing services in India, led by a specialized and experienced team dedicated to meeting clients' unique needs.

  2. MIS Reports Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants offers customized MIS reporting services to provide critical financial and operational information for businesses to make informed decisions. Our reports include detailed analysis of financial and operational data, such as revenue, expenses, profitability, cash flow, inventory levels, sales figures, and customer data. We design user-friendly reports tailored to the specific needs of each client, enabling confident decision-making.

  3. Budgeting and Valuations: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants provides customized budgeting and valuation services, working closely with clients to develop realistic budgets and provide accurate reports to track progress and make informed decisions. We use advanced valuation techniques, such as discounted cash flow analysis, to provide accurate and reliable valuations that help clients understand their investments' true value. With our services, clients can access reliable financial information and achieve their business objectives with confidence.

  4. Filing of Income Tax Returns: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants offers professional income tax filing services that cater to the specific needs of individuals and businesses. Our team of experts ensures accurate and efficient tax filing while minimizing tax liability and complying with regulations. We also assist clients in resolving discrepancies and provide up-to-date advice on tax planning and compliance. Our comprehensive services aim to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients.

  5. GST Returns and Advisory: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants are GST experts assist businesses with accurate GST returns filing and help identify all available credits and exemptions while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. Our advisory services offer guidance on GST compliance and planning, keeping clients informed on updates, conducting compliance reviews and risk assessments, preparing them for any potential audits or investigations, and minimizing tax liability.

  6. Reply to Statutory Notices: Gotewala Legal Consultants & Accountants experts help clients respond appropriately to statutory notices from tax authorities to avoid penalties and legal action. Our team assists clients in understanding the nature of the notice, drafting, and submitting suitable responses, and ensuring that all relevant information is provided within the stipulated timeline. We provide timely updates and reminders to meet compliance obligations and deadlines.